About this Guide

The Thrival Guide

Burning Man is petri dish of innovation. It’s a magical place in which inhibitions are lost, possibilities are bountiful, and the veracity of the human spirit shines bright. With this guide we are hoping to promote sustainability practices on-playa… and, better still… perhaps inspiration for sustainable practices off-playa.

So herein is a database of resources which each camp must organize, the challenges (problems) that presents — and possible solutions. Learn how other Camp Leaders handle issues relating to Energy, Transportation, Food, Habitat, Materials, Waste, and Water. Costuming is not addressed in this guide, per se.

The data has been curated by Members of Camp IDEATE.

This web application has been developed by, and is currently hosted by, beezwax.net.

This is offered as a community resource.

For additional resources on BurningMan sustainable practices, please visit these sites. (At a later point, perhaps we can look into integrating some of this content into the Thrival Guide)