Recycled Food Grade Jugs

In the past we have used recycled food grade 5 gal. jugs I get from a local restaurant. I drain them rinse them, fill them with soap a couple of times, rinse them again, I then use bleach, and rinse. We use this water mainly for dishes and showers. We have gotten to big to do this so this year we are are using recycled food grade 275 Gallon IBC Tanks. I found a scrap yard that has tons of them. We are going to bring the tank out empty and have it filled on playa. We arrive a week early so we will probable bring a few of the 5 gal jugs for the first week which are also handy if we have any gray water to haul home.

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camp implementing it: Dr. Baron von Realz esq. steampunk sideshow

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